“I started using Common Sense™ Herbs over 20yrs ago!

Before then, I had suffered with terrible menstrual cramps since I was 12yrs old. My periods would be heavy for about 7 to 10 days, causing me to miss one to two days of school every month.

My doctors wanted to put me on birth control to solve the problem, but my mother did not feel that was the answer. I would take Midol for relief which would help with the pain and discomfort, but would make me nauseous and need to vomit.

When I was in my late twenties still suffering from the same symptoms, a friend of mine introduced me to PMS Female Hormone Combination by Common Sense™ Herbs and I noticed a difference as soon as my next cycle started! By the following month I felt a significant difference. I wasn’t as emotional, cravings for sugar were no more, my period was not as heavy (now 4 days beginning to end) and the menstrual cramps were very minimal.

I am in my 50’s now and I still take PMS Female Hormone Combination along with other Common Sense™ Herbs products on a regular basis. These supplements have really changed my life, it has helped balance my hormones, aid me thru menopause, and given me an overall sense of wellbeing.”

-Esperanza M.

“I started my period at 11yrs old and like many had no idea what was happening. I had severe stomach pains out of nowhere and thought I was coming down with an illness. It wasn’t till the next morning that I realized what was happening.

My mother had been introduced to Common Sense™ Herbs Products some time before then and immediately put me on their PMS formula. Not one for taking pills she would crush them up and put them in things like Jelly for me. I noticed that within the next few months my cramps and symptoms kept subsiding.

Now in my 30’s, I have been taking the PMS Formula for decades and haven’t had a cramp since. Any symptoms I have ever had are very minimal and most times I forget my period is coming at all. I never got a chance to suffer all the pain and anguish many of my friends did growing up, and I have my mother and PMS Female Hormone Combination by Common Sense™ Herbs to thank for that.

Being in a phase about to have children, I am so grateful that I started out my reproductive health naturally and it gives me peace of mind that I will have less issues in each phase of my female life.”

-Alisha V.

“I used to think it was normal to spend 25% of the year living in stressful and disruptive pain, but now I’ve learned that my period doesn’t have to impact my work, school, or social life anymore!
After my first month taking these herbal supplements, I was surprised when my flow started because I was still waiting for my PMS symptoms to begin!
Since I started taking these herbs, my PMS symptoms are so manageable that I’ve never had the need to use Midol again. This has changed my life because my period is no longer something that I constantly dread.
Even when I’m not on my period, I’ve noticed that I have more energy, better sleep, less headaches, and I just feel healthier in general! Drugs like Midol just dull a handful of symptoms, but natural raw herbs treat your whole body.
Whenever I convince new friends to give this product a try, they always decide to keep taking them! While I still have minor PMS symptoms, I don’t feel like I’m living in pain anymore. I always thought it was unfair that men didn’t have to live in pain, but now I know that us women don’t have to either!”
-Anna H.