Returns & Shipping


Common Sense™ Products (CSP) product quality is guaranteed. If, after purchasing a CSP product and using it for a reasonable time, a retail customer determines it to be unsatisfactory, the customer should return it to his/her CSP Member for replacement, credit or a full refund. This guarantee applies only to products that have not been misused, intentionally damaged, discontinued or outdated.

Customer satisfaction is CSP’s goal. If, for any reason, a customer is not 100% satisfied with a CSP product, Members should politely accept the return of any unused portion of the product and then return it to CSP within 90 days of the date of purchase from CSP for a refund/replacement with a receipt, as per CSP Product Return Procedures below. Members should promptly and professionally give the customer a full refund or replacement product. Subject to the Product Return Procedures, below, credit from CSP will be calculated at 100% of the price paid at purchase minus any rebates, commission paid on the product and shipping charges.


All returns must be authorized in advance by the Customer Service Department. Please call 1-800-527-5682 for a “Return Merchandise Account” (RMA) authorization number. All Return Merchandise Account (RMA) numbers should be clearly marked on the outside of any package that is returned to CSP. Boxes returned to CSP without a visible RMA number will not qualify for a refund and cannot be returned to the sender.

  • Order numbers are your proof of purchase and gives you, the Member, the potential right to return products. Keep all invoices for reference, since the original order numbers and lot numbers are required for all returns.
  • Overstocked or obsolete products cannot be returned for credit. Seasonal, discontinued or special promotional products are not returnable.
  • If CSP receives a return that has not been authorized, the products will be discarded and no credit will be given. Authorized returns must be sent to California warehouse only.
  • All returned products will be discarded.


If a product is defective or damaged, it may be returned within 90 days of purchase to CSP for credit or replacement. Credit will be calculated at 100% less any rebates or commission paid on the product. CSP will reimburse a Member for shipping costs incurred for such returned product limited to the amount of ground UPS or regular mail only, or Priority/Mail for orders shipped from Hawaii, Alaska, Puerto Rico, or the Virgin Islands.

Shipping must be prepaid on all product returns. Returns will be issued to the credit card used at the time of purchase. Check or cash payment will be refunded via check. If a product is being returned due to defect or damage in transit or an order error on CSP part, the Member will be reimbursed for shipping costs as authorized by Customer Service.

NOTE: CSP reserves the right to refuse a refund or return if it suspects fraud, abuse or breach of any of these Policies and Procedures.


Unless otherwise specified, Common Sense™ Products (CSP) contracts with UPS for shipping all orders generally using regular Ground delivery. All orders must have a valid phone number AND email address. Since UPS cannot deliver to a Post Office Box, a valid physical street address is required. If circumstances do not permit delivery to such an address, CSP can ship via Parcel Post through the U.S. Postal Service.

CSP does not ship orders via UPS outside the continental U.S. All orders outside U.S. are shipped U.S. Postal Service via Priority Mail or DHL (International). If faster service is required UPS Next Day AM (before 12pm) or PM (After 12pm), UPS 2nd Day, UPS 3rd Day, and UPS Saturday delivery are available at additional cost. The cost of such shipping is based on the weight of the boxed order and the distance it travels.

NOTE: If CSP completes a UPS order on time (UPS Next Day AM (before 12pm) or PM (After 12pm), UPS 2nd Day, UPS 3rd Day) but the shipment is delayed by UPS, CSP cannot refund the special shipping charges to the Member because UPS offers no refunds to CSP.

NOTE: All orders for residents of the Dominican Republic must be picked up at the local distribution office.


Requests for order pickup at CSP warehouse or special shipping instructions must be made at the beginning of a phone order. Arrangement for picking up orders from CSP warehouse require at least 24 business hours advance notice. All pick-up orders must be paid for at the time the order is placed.

Extra charges for special shipping arrangements are the responsibility of the account holder placing the order.

When placing a drop-ship order (i.e. an order to an address other than that which appears on the account), the addressee’s phone number (with area code) and email address must be included so he/she can be notified when the shipment arrives. Special packaging requests will incur an additional handling fee.


Members who move should promptly notify CSP of their address change either by mail, email, or by phone. Permanent address changes cannot be effected by noting the change on an order form. All address changes sent in by email or mail should be submitted separately to the attention of the Order Sales Department. To change an address by telephone, contact Customer Service or Order Sales Department. To guarantee proper product shipment after an address change, please give CSP two weeks notice


UPS ground shipments are not considered lost until the tenth business day after placement of the order.

If ten business days have passed and the order has not been delivered, CSP can trace the order with UPS. Upon verification that an order has been lost or returned, CSP can reship at an additional charge or refund the order (at additional cost).

Parcel Post shipments cannot be traced. If 30 business days have transpired since the order was shipped, CSP will attempt to verify that the order has been returned, and may reship the package (at additional cost).

Priority Mail shipments cannot be traced and will not be reshipped until 30 business days from the Priority Mail date. Since it is not traced and it will not return CSP will not refund.

In the event of an emergency, CSP can ship and bill a duplicate order prior to the tracing process. Credit is applied for the original order when it is returned to CSP Home Office.

Neither CSP nor any shipping carrier it uses is responsible for any delays in product shipment caused by circumstances beyond their reasonable control, including interruptions or delays due to war, terrorist attacks, weather or natural disasters.


CSP will assess a $9.95 reshipping fee PLUS any applied fees by UPS (or any greater amount UPS or another carrier bills CSP) for non-deliverable orders that are due to the ordering Member’s error. When applicable, this reshipping fee will be added to the cost of the order. The reshipping fee will be charged in any of the following situations:

  1. The Member moves without giving CSP prior notification of the new address (by submitting a “Change of Address Form”) and the order is placed for delivery to the old address.
  2. A Member provides CSP with an incorrect address for a drop shipment.
  3. UPS is forced to correct the address.
  4. UPS is forced to reroute the order.
  5. UPS does NOT ship to P.O. Boxes.


Products unavailable at the time of order go on back-order status. Products on back order are noted by a “B.O.” on the packing slip. When the item becomes available, it is shipped with the next order from that account.

If no new order is placed within five days, the back-ordered products will be shipped separately. Back-ordered products are billed and paid for with the original order. Additional shipping fees may apply


Be advised when placing your order, whether it is via telephone, online or email, please take the time to make sure that the information listed below is given correctly so your order can be shipped without any delays.


  1. Correct address, phone number, email.
  2. Correct credit card information which includes: Correct Name (as printed on credit account), account number, expiration date, billing address plus zip code of credit card, and the three digit code on back of credit card or four digit code in front of American Express card.
  3. Correct check/money order amount and number.
  4. Verification of product(s) to be shipped.

Your order will be shipped out within 24 hours of the time you placed it. Your package will be sent standard delivery and will arrive within 7 to10 business days from the day the order was shipped (when ordered within the continental United States). If you are interested in expediting your delivery, other available shipping options are listed below. We would like to thank you in advance for your patience and for your cooperation.

All delivery orders must be phoned in by 1pm (Pacific Standard Time). UPS Will Only Deliver Monday thru Friday. No Deliveries on Saturday, Sunday and Holidays.